Group Publication

Unintentional Acts of Publishing

An exercise exploring unintentional acts of publishing. The collection juxtaposes "junk" found on the street and in the junk-mail box. If there were a synonym for the word 'publishing,' it would be 'junk.' One publishes things to be preserved. And junk is essentially the opposite: something to get rid of. 

The process, therefore, aims at making permanent compositions preserved by chance encounters in both the physical and digital realms. Each item collected in the physical realm was matched with a subject line from my junk mailbox. For example, a plastic wrapping of Tesco Apple Juice was titled: "Say I Love You With Gifts From Apple." The power of labeling something solidifies its relevance. By giving the found compositions titles and captions, their meaning alters, now elevated by the power of classifying and the act itself of publishing it in a book. 

Acts of Publishing

Group publication organised by and under the guidence of Paul Finn & Andrea Lioy. A publication accumulating the sum of different acts of publishing. Based on a series of exercises in publishing and editing, five key themes emerged that encompassed all of the entries: Fictions, Data, Time, Identity, and Space. An edition of 120 was printed and distributed in a final act of an exhibition by the same title—personal contribution: cover design, two spreads.

Acts of Publishing

dimensions: 9×234×155 mm
weight: 278 g.
n. of pages: 160
paper size: Royal