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AvaTrade is a highly regulated trading service combining the excitement of online trading with an extreme dedication to trust and safety. They are one of the industry's most secure online trading brokers, offering a wide choice of assets, leading platforms, and trading conditions. 

The new brand strategy is framed around AvaTrade being one of the safest trading platforms. The new brand essence around which the visual identity was built is: 'The Safest Thrill,' while the brand promise and tagline remained 'Trade with confidence.'

The logo was redesigned to include the previous symbol (up and down arrows formed from the letters 'A', 'V', 'A') within the logotype, removed the typographic emphasis from the declining angle of the letter 'A', and instead shifted the focus towards the increase and upwards rush of earning. A wider and bolder font was introduced to give a sense of stability and confidence. 
Building on this upward direction that represents the thrill of trading, a grid structure, gradient, icons, and graphic language were created. Their role is to denote motion and excitement confidently and clearly and add a touch of thrill to AvaTrade's safe and secure foundations. 

The identity sits on this axis between safety and thrill and works together to communicate trust and confidence with an added layer of emotion.

The project was developed by the OPEN Studio team. I was involved in the ideation, design, and development of all parts of the visual identity.

Logo, Visual System,
Photographic Language,
Illustrations, Icons,
Print & Digital Applications,
Social Media,


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