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Augury provides end-to-end solutions that help eliminate production downtime, improve process efficiency, maximize yield, and reduce waste and emissions. They empower manufacturers and other industry sectors with prescriptive insights into their processes and machines through AI-driven technology and industry-specific expertise that helps them transform how they work. Prescriptive AI machine diagnostics predicts and prevents industrial machine failure and improves machine performance.

The rebranding process began with a strategy revolving around a new brand essence: to thrive. This guided the design process alongside Augury's existing wave symbol. The wave refers to sine functions that their technology uses to diagnose using sound sensors. It was important for the brand to put this symbol in the forefront and give it an updated visual look without abandoning its heritage. 

The logo was refined by changing the hierarchy and introducing a dark blue color to imbue the brand with a tone of reliability and authority. A new, more meaningful color system was introduced to reflect the concept of 'impact' by employing a monochromatic approach using gradual tones for each sub-palette. The grids are formed from three components that symbolize Augury's three circles of influence: Industry, People, and Environment, and showcase the brand's symbol. The display typeface, too, gives a nod to Augury's wave. An icon system was created utilizing the cuts in the logo (which make the letters 'A' and 'U') to help communicate the different areas Augury operates in and how their advanced system works.

This project was developed by OPEN Studio. I was directly involved in ideating, designing, and developing all the visual tools described above. 

Logo, Visual System,
Photographic Language,
Icons, Social Media
Print & Digital Applications.

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