London Centre for Book Arts

Organic and Computer-generated Arrangements of Letterforms

A project exploring the relationship between organic and computer-generated compositions, using letterforms as an input for activating different ways of perceiving glyphs. Two programs were developed to generate arrangements using two states of processing: manual and computational. The results are presented to both highlight the visual contrasts between the methods and to embrace the similarities between these two opposing ways of thinking and making.

The organic method consists of a manual process in which the printed type is cut and arranged into compositions by either overlaying or cutting & combining the physical forms. Here there is room for intuitive play and investigation, liberated by the freedom of position, angle, and orientation. The second state is computer-generated. In these processes, rules are defined by functions. The rigidity of these compositions is felt through placement and accuracy born out of obedience to a defined set of rules.

This publication was made as part of the 'London Centre for Book Arts' Artist Residency.

Organic and Computer-generated
Arrangements of Letterforms

dimensions: 196×140×10 mm
weight: 185 g.
n. of pages: 114
paper size: A5

Typography, Program