OPEN Studio

Sync is a company that offers a revolutionary solution for charging electric vehicles in apartment buildings. Their advanced system synchronises between charging stations and ensures the energy is distributed evenly between all users in the parking lot while also offloading from the energy usage of the building as a whole. 

The branding process included naming, logo, development of a visual system, and a broad range of brand applications.

Taking inspiration from the large numbering systems typical in parking lots, the invisible infrastructure of Sync's system, and the simplicity of use for the end-user, the design was centered around minimal communication and clarity. The concept was built around the brand promise: taking something complex and making it simple.

The initial target communications roll-out was in Hebrew (right to left); more languages will be added in the future.

Sync's branding was made while working in OPEN Studio. The design process is based on the brand strategy developed by the strategy team. I developed the concept, design, and execution with the guidance of Hadar Beer & Saar Friedman.