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"Metamorphosis sits somewhere in the misty margins between art, biology and chemistry. Where imagination meets science and alchemy often results. There is something unfathomable, almost mystical, about the process of a living thing changing from one state to another. A caterpillar becomes butterfly. A seed becomes a tree[...]Metamorphosis opens up infinite imaginative possibilities - what if a person wakes up as a giant insect, or turns water into gold, or has superpowers? Where might a collision between the analogue and digital states lead us?"

-Tony Brook, SPIN Creative Director

Metamorphosis was created by the SPIN Studio team (Tony Brook, Patricia Finegan, Jonas Zieher, Claudia Klat, Marius Rother & Evie Brook) and launched as part of 'SPIN-Projects.' 

While developing this project, I explored the ability of commonplace items to transform into letterforms—a staple gun turning into the letter 'a', medical gloves forming the letter 'H', or cardboard rolls making the letter 'p'. We designed around these findings and created both still and animated compositions. The final outcomes were presented as a webpage and a one-of-a-kind series of prints.


dimensions: 240×190 mm

Prints, Animations,
Website, Typography

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